About Dawn

Dawn Crothers CiminoHi there! My name is Dawn Crothers.  I feel like it’s a little hard to sum me up in a few words, but let me give it a shot– I’m a new mom, pug-lover, wanna-be power weight lifter, patina-stalker, and obsessed with gardening and flowers.  I love a good glass of Merlot and sour craft beer too.  I also pretend I have Italian heritage: Italian food is my favorite to cook and eat.  Raised in Indiana (go Hoosiers!), I somehow managed to learn to speak Arabic and become a terrorism analyst for the government.  I decided hoarding beautiful old things was more fun, so here I am with Something Vintage.  And my wonderful husband Zach (aka our builder/craftsman/Mr Fix It) puts up with my insanity and makes amazing pieces for our inventory and custom builds for clients.

I’m passionate about vintage furniture because they have details that seem so elusive or inauthentic today– hand-tufted velvet, carved wood trim, a weathered surface, intricate floral patterned plates, and the rusty patina found on the pieces of American’s industrial history.  To me, these are the authentic details that get my juices going!

My obsession with vintage started about a decade ago I began to  collecting mismatched vintage plates from antique stores, flea markets and thrift stores.  I loved hunting for beautiful pieces everywhere I went.  My collection now includes pieces from all across the country, from New York to DC to California.   I decided to rent my china collection after a number of people said that they wanted to use antique plates at their weddings but did not have the time or money to collect the pieces one by one—hence Something Vintage was born. We’ve expanded from just china into styling and event design and have added farm tables, sofas, and other large items as well.  We started in my basement and garages in Washington DC, now we are in a 5,000 square foot warehouse and are already bursting at the seams.

Styling and event design with an eclectic vintage flair is what I consider my wheelhouse.  It’s when I get to let my creativity and passion for style run wild,  imagining custom pieces and paying attention to every decor detail along the way, from the gold nail head on the chairs  to the sparklers before the bride and groom run off to their car.  If I can throw a hint of industrial or boho in there, I’d be thrilled!

If you’d like me to style your next event or procure new pieces for your big day, please contact Something Vintage today to schedule an appointment.