Frequently Asked Questions

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[1] How long are your barnwood farm tables?

Our farm tables are 96″ x 42″ long

[2]  How many guests do your farm tables seat?

Our farm tables seat 8-10 guests depending on if you have people seated at the heads of the table.

[3]  Do you have rental minimums?

Yes, our rental minimum for furniture delivery is $700.  If you would like to pick up china and small props from our studio in Washington DC, the rental minimum is $300.

[4]  How do I care for the vintage china rentals ?

Our china is fragile and should not be placed in the dishwasher or heated.  Before being returned to Something Vintage, the china must be rinsed free from any food particles and hand-dried or the client will have to pay a dish cleaning fee.  All teacups must be thoroughly rinsed with no remaining tea or coffee remnants inside–this stains our valuable cups!

[5]  Do you allow clients to pick up furniture?

Unfortunately, we do not.  We only allow the Something Vintage Rentals crew deliver and handle our vintage pieces. Due to liability reasons and damage that has happened previously when we’ve allowed that, we insist upon only having our trained staff move them.


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